Freebie of the Day- Berry Slush at Sonic

Here is a coloring page with a coupon for a free children's berry slush. Made with 100% apple juice and strawberries. Expires 11/15/07.

Freebie of the Day- Flushable Cottonelle Wipes

Here is a free sample of Cottonelle Moist Flushable Wipes. Samples like these can be handy to put in the glovebox as backup for a diaper emergency!

Perfect Muffin Portions

I can't take the credit for this week's kitchen tip, I saw it on a muffin mix package!

For the perfect amount of muffin batter in your muffin cups, use an ice cream scoop to dole out the batter. I was quite skeptical, but I tried this and it worked perfectly and filled the cup about 2/3 full, with no messy drips on the sides. I was so impressed!

For more kitchen tips, check out Tammy's Recipes!

Menu Plan Monday 10/29/07

As busy as we have been lately, this week will be a designated "cheat" week. We are trying to keep it simple so I can cook quickly before the baby starts fussing, plus we are trying to eat fairly cheaply after the last two high spending weeks. Here's the menu thanks to Kraft's One Bag= 5 Dinners ;)

Monday- leftovers
Tuesday- Tex-Mex Rollups with Rice and Refried Beans
Wednesday- Meatloaf and baked fries
Thursday- dinner with friends, make salad and dessert
Friday- Fiesta Chicken Pasta with Corn and Salad
Saturday- Chicken and Rice, Zesty Green Beans
Sunday- Cheesy Chicken Soup (double batch for next week too) and Bread

The menu is based on one bag of groceries, which should cost about $37 for this week of meals based on what I usually buy (turkey instead of beef, generic brands instead of Kraft). The Cheesy Chicken Soup is a large batch and isn't part of the Kraft one bag, but is part of the $37 budget.
Here's a link to Kraft's One Bag= 5 Dinners.
Check out more menu plans at Orgjunkie!

One of my Favorite Sights

It just melts my heart... :)

Freebie of the Day- Coolbelt Key Fob

Go here, click on the stay in touch customer link (lower right of the page) to sign up for their mailing list, and receive a free keyfob like this one!

My Favorite and Frugal Baby Wrap

Over the last four years, I have bought a few different carriers for my babies like the Baby-Bjorn style and the hammock style sling but they always become painful after 30 minutes of wearing them.

I wanted a cheaper and better solution after paying for things that didn't work, so I did some searching on the internet for a cheaper way to carry my baby. And I found it!

I love this wrap. I really, really love this wrap. I can wear Isabella in it all day without back or shoulder pain. In fact, when we went to the fair this weekend she rode in it the entire time (and slept through most of it!). As soon as I put her into it she falls asleep and when she wakes up she is happy. I have fallen in love with babywearing!

This wrap is so great because it evenly distributes the weight across the whole torso instead of just the shoulder area. It's so much more comfortable than anything I've used. I just can't say enough about it! :)

The even better part about this wrap was the cost- I "made" it for $5. No sewing required! Just five yards of gauzy cotton material all wrapped and tied around my waist and shoulders. It is similar to the Moby sling which costs $35.

Here is the tutorial on how to make a no-sew wrap.
Here is how to wrap the material to make a sling.

Thank you to the Mamatoto Project for all the wonderful information on babywearing!

Not only does this sling work for me, it also serves as a frugal way to carry my baby!

*In this picture she was laughing and cooing at the fair.

Freebie of the Day- HOMEMADE Magazine Subscription

HOMEMADE magazine celebrates the source of real food: real people.

In each issue of HOMEMADE, you’ll find special feature stories as well as:

  • In the Homemade Kitchen — culinary facts and fun
  • The Convenience Cook — convenient products form the foundation for great dishes
  • Secret Ingredient — a featured ingredient is used in a unique and delicious way
  • Behind the Recipe — a reader shares the story behind a special recipe
Here's the link for more information.

Complimentary Subscription

Get your own copy by sending an email with your name and mailing address to

Submit a Recipe

HOMEMADE magazine considers trends, seasonality, convenience and more when reviewing recipes. To submit, email your recipe to

Unplugging the god of IT

This was such a great article by Joe Carter. I know I am addicted to information gathering, and I get upset when the internet is down. We might have to try this...

"Sometimes we must rest from gathering information just as the Israelites rested from gathering wood on the Sabbath," writes Kevin Miller in Surviving Information Overload. Miller recommends taking an "info-techno Sabbath," a 24-hour period when we turn off the cell phone, leave the PDA in the drawer, and stay away from the computer.

"One of the most basic biblical insights," says theologian J.I. Packer, "is that whatever controls and shapes one's life is in effect the god one worships." For many of us, the one true god to whom we give our devotion is the deity known as IT: information technology.

Walgreens Deals week of 10/21

Walgreen’s deals I did this week:
Excedrin $6 ($3 coupon)
Genteal Eye Drops 7 ($3 coupon)
Maalox $5 ($1 coupon)
Gerber Baby 2 @ $1 each
$20 - $7 coupons= $13 out of pocket- $12 register rewards= $1 for all.
$2.99 Mail in Rebate Excedrin= $1.99 profit

I used the $12 register rewards to purchase the free after rebate Pepcid, Beano, Garnier Conditioner, and toothpaste.
Altogether, I spent $15.28 tonight and will get back $18.14 back on a gift card for rebates, plus an additional $2.99 for the Excedrin rebate.

CVS deals this week 10/21

(the wipes were actually a two pack but were opened quickly ;)

CVS deals I did this week:
Tylenol Deal- 3 $5 coupons 8.69 x3 -$15- $4 off $20
Get back $10 ECBs= $2.93 profit

Gas x or Maalox 2.89- $1.00 coupon (get back $3 ECB's)
*$5 ECBs on alkaseltzer Buy 2 at $4.99 each, Use $3 and $0.75 coupons= $1.25 cost
*$5 ECBs when you buy $10 of Energizer Alkaline Batteries AA, AAA 8 pk., C, D 4 pk.,
Buy 2 at $5.29, Use 2 $1/1 coupons, Spend $8.58 plus tax (Get $5 ECB back makes it $3.58)
Herbal Essences 2/$6 (get $2 back ECBs)
.69 Three musketeers
$5 off 30

Buy 2 products at $4.49, Use 2 $2/1 coupons= $.49
Wipes 3.99
3.00 Campbells soups -.50 coupon= 2.50

The cheapest Revlon my store had was $4.49, so I ended up paying .50 instead of making it. I also had to buy wipes because we suddenly ran out, so that cost $3.99, then I filled in with my favorite soup so I could get the extra $2.00 off. I lost a small coupon somewhere in the store, then the cashier forgot to ring up my batteries and I couldn't see it on the display before I paid, so it messed my checking out order up, but I figured it out thankfully before I left. I could have had a bit more savings had those things not happened.

All in all, I went in with $20.29 in ECB's, and left with $15 in ECBs, and paid $2.23 out of pocket. So my total "spent" was $7.52, 50 more cents than the unexpected purchases of soup and wipes plus their tax. Not bad, $.50 for all the rest of it. Oh, and then if I get my Tylenol rebate of $5, I will have made $4.50.

I wonder how my family will like Tylenol and Alkaseltzer for stocking stuffers? ;)

Freebie of the Day- Free Celestial Seasonings Tea

Try Celestial Seasonings Tea for free here. Blueberry tea sounds interesting!

Another Busy Day

Wow, we just got through with yet another busy day. We had two more doctor's appointments, Pilates class, and many other little errands to run. I made my very first trip to Target with all three kids. I don't know why I've been avoiding any daytime trips with the kids alone, it wasn't bad at all, just a little bit of extra work to get them all in and out of a small SUV. They were all good and we didn't linger at all, so it was a pretty good trip.
We made our CVS run last night and finished up at Walgreen's tonight. Pictures soon to come... :)

Freebie of the Day- Bag of Candy

Here is a coupon for a free bag of candy at Kmart.
Expires 10/31/07.

Cake Decorating Lessons Learned

We recently celebrated our oldest's 4th birthday. For his birthday I made a Veggie Tales cake- Larry the Cucumber. It definitely wasn't the best hand decorated cake I've made, but I did learn something- it is far easier to decorate a cake that is the same color as the icing. I put Green Wilton paste in the cake batter just for the effect of green cake, but when I went to decorate it, it was so much easier to decorate because the cake crumbs blended instead of standing out like white cake does.
Oh, and a few more cake decorating tips I learned- don't freehand Larry the Cucumber ;) and don't decorate at night when you have an earache and two out of your three children are crying. Taking care of toddlers and babies with green-icing hands just doesn't work! :) And, no matter how awful you think it looks, if your 4 year old loves it, you've done your job.

Check out more kitchen tips over at Tammy's Recipes!

Freebie of the Day- Garnier Nutritioniste Sample

Here is a link to a sample of Garnier Nutritioniste. I got hooked on their scrub after I bought it at CVS for almost nothing. CVS runs big sales on Garnier products, so here's your chance to try before you buy! :)

Casting Crowns and Leeland Concert

Wow- we had such a great time at the concert last week! We won backstage passes to the concert, so we got to do a meet and greet with the bands. We laughed about the meet and greet because as nice as the band members all were, there was just not much to say to them. They were like, "You guys from around here?" We said, "Yeah, we live right down the road." It's not like we could say, "How about you, you from around here?":) It was still cool though.

We were given box seats as well, so we got to go up into the box and sit in comfortable chairs and were served drinks and snacks. I could really get used to that kind of treatment! :) I told my husband I am going to want to meet the band and sit in box seats for every concert now!

With Casting Crowns (not all of them)

With Leeland

Here is one of Leeland's most popular songs:

And Casting Crowns:

Ahhh...finally back to normal. Almost.

We just finished the craziest week! It has been so much fun. We had two birthdays, a visit to the fair, two concerts, three road trips and three very late nights, many dinners out and a ton of laundry left to do.
We have one birthday left on Tuesday, but for the most part we are out of the super busy days. It is so much fun to have events and dinners, but with three little ones who thrive on routine it feels good to be home too.
I have so much to post- concert, fair and birthday pictures. I felt like I should be writing a lot last week with so much going on, but I didn't get to, so I hope to catch up soon! :)

Crazy Week

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind! Yesterday was my birthday, and we got up early to get to my hair appointment which was pretty far away. My mother-in-law was so sweet, she watched the boys for me. When I got back, the boys had made me birthday cards with their handprints drawn on them. Those were the first handmade cards they made me. It made my day. :)

After the early haircut, I drove back for lunch and a doctor's appointment. I had a quick lunch at my favorite McAlister's with my hubby then we drove over to the doctor's office. Everything checked out there :)

We dropped by hubby's office to show off our cute little girl for the first time ;) and then I got to go shopping. By this point we were all quite tired, but it was still fun. I picked out a few things I had been wanting. I even got a beautiful plate that I just really liked. I figure if I have to seriously start my diet now I should at least enjoy looking at the plate! :)

My mom came up and took us to eat at On the Border, which was so good! Ahhh...the last good (as in tasty and fattening) meal for a while...
We were all pooped after that and I actually came home and went to bed before 12!

But the excitement has yet to end... Tuesday my hubby won backstage passes and box seats to see Casting Crowns, Leeland, and John Waller! I was so excited, I got to hear him on the radio, and he won tickets. It's going to be great! So we are off for another busy night...

What 100 Acre Wood Character are You?

I'm Winnie-the-Pooh. And apparently a bit slow... ;)

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Freebie of the Day- Energy Star Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

Compact Fluorescent Lights save you tons of money on electricity- we use them in our ceiling fan light and nightstand lights. Each bulb costs about $2-3, so a free one is definitely a great thing!
Click here to get your free Energy Star CFL bulb.

Make Your Bread Last Longer

This week's kitchen tip is one that many people may use, but it never occurred to me until I had a home of my own. We are not big bread eaters and often our loaves will spoil before we eat them.

When we buy bread now, we buy a couple of loaves and store them in the freezer until they're ready to eat. After they thaw, we store them in the refrigerator instead of leaving them in the bread box. A loaf of bread lasts us two weeks now, and we don't have to throw any out due to spoilage.

Check out more kitchen tips at Tammy's Recipes!

$2 off $10 at CVS

Here is a link for $2 off $10 at CVS. Expires 1/31/08.

Fun Weekend

We had a fun weekend- my parents took us out to dinner for my birthday (a few days early), and my husband took me to the movies with some movie passes we received. We went to my very favorite restaurant- Johnny Carino's. It's country italian- it's just so good! They serve the very best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. It is so rich, with a fudge icing and topped with toffee, then served with ice cream. Yum. I think my hips are growing just thinking about it.

Me and my wonderful hubby.

We somehow didn't manage to get any pictures of the kids, but we did get a picture of the chocolate cake ;)

Freebie of the Day- Cute O.B. Trial Pack

Okay, this freebie is just for the ladies :)

Click on the 3rd link that says mighty.small.sample.

Freebie of the Day- Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis

Sign up for Betty Crocker's email newsletter/coupons and get a free sample of Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis. Free chocolate cake is always good!

Freebie of the Day- Hypoallergenic Pillow Case

Fill out a short survey for a free hypoallergenic pillowcase from XYZAL (a pharmaceutical drug for allergies). And hey, you could always make it into a cute (and hypoallergenic :) pillowcase skirt!

Tylenol $5.00 Off Coupons

Tylenol is offering $5 off their products (any Tylenol, Motrin, PediaCare, Benadryl, Sudafed, St. Joseph, or Imodium products) due to the recent recall of children's medicines. You can print 2 coupons, or call the number listed and get them sent to you in the mail. $5 off makes some of their products totally free!

Check out more frugal finds and tips at Crystal's blog.

Freebie of the Day-Free Hot Wheels or Littlest Pet Shop Animal

Toys 'R Us is giving away free Hot Wheels Cars or a Littlest Pet Shop Animals this weekend only 10-11 through 10-13. Print the coupon here.

Freebie of the Day

Free Dr. Pepper over here.

Chapter One- Lies Women Believe

This is the first installment of the review of the book Lies Women Believe: And the Truth That Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Chapter One
"Truth...Or Consequences"

This introductory chapter discusses deception- the origins of deception and the deception we fall prey to today. The author talks about the strategy of deception that Satan uses- He first approached the woman, she writes, so we as women are particularly prone to fall prey to Satan's deception (1 Tim. 2:14). Sometimes, she says, Satan himself deceives us as in the Garden of Eden, and sometimes he uses other instruments such as leaders to deceive us.

I loved this quote:

Walk into almost any Christian bookstore, leaf through many Christian periodicals, tune in to many religious radio and television broadcasts, listen to many popular Christian mental health professionals, and you will find respected "Christians" who are deceiving their followers. .... Their teachings help people justify anger ("healthy expression of your true feelings"); selfishness ("You've got to place boundaries between you and demanding people"); irresponsibility ("You are dysfunctional because you have been deeply wounded by others"); and infidelity ("You are free to divorce your mate and marry someone else; God is the God of the second chance").
Sadly, most people-even Christians- have unthinkingly exposed themselves to so much deception that they do not even realize they are being deceived. That is the very nature of deception- it blinds us to the fact that we have been deceived.

She then outlines the progression from deception to bondage:

Listen to a lie- Eve fell prey to Satan because she listened to him. She dwelt on his words and engaged in conversation with him about the lie.

I think this is one area we don't focus on enough- we are constantly confronted with lies about ourselves and our culture. For instance, the idea that women are supposed to "do" something- whether it be have a career or a great ministry of some kind other than their families is promoted even among Christians. Being a wife and mother is said to be just another role we take on, and it should not be the only thing we do in this life. I was told just the other day by a Christian friend that women
were not created to be helpmeets to their husbands, that God intends something much greater than that for women's lives.
I loved this statement
DeMoss made- "The world's deceptive way of thinking comes to us through so many avenues- television, magazines, movies, music, friends, malls, and catalogs to name a few. A steady diet of these worldly influences will shape our view of what is valuable, what is beautiful, and what is important in life."
If we are around "Christian" friends who believe and live these lies, and we soak up our time with worldly media, we are placing ourselves in very dangerous territory. When we listen to the lies, especially from those we consider trustworthy people and sources, we are setting ourselves up for the next step in the progression: believing the lie.

Believe the lie. After listening and discussing them, Eve believed the lies Satan told her, which lead to the next step: acting on the lie.

Act on the lie. "Beliefs produce behavior...What we believe will be seen in how we live." Eve believed the fruit would give her knowledge, so she acted on her belief and took a bite.

I thought this statement was so profound:
Every area of bondage in our lives can be traced back to a lie." I know in my own life, when I am obsessed with something like being the perfect size or weight or look, I am in bondage, and it can be traced back to the lie that "I am not perfect the way God made me."

DeMoss then lets us in on how we can move from bondage to freedom:
1. Identify the areas of bondage or sinful behavior.
2. Identify the lies at the root of that bondage or behavior.
3. Replace the lie(s) with the Truth (of God's Word).

This chapter essentially set up the next section in the book. She covers in future chapters the lies that women believe about God, themselves, sin, priorities, marriage, children, emotions, and circumstances, and the verses in God's Word that shed truth on these pervasive lies.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the review of Lies Women Believe: And the Truth That Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Great Makeup Find

I am a huge Clinique fan- they have great makeup, and it wears well. But Clinique can be pricey- $20+ for foundation alone. And they have this gorgeous shimmery blush that I wanted to try but wouldn't pay the $21 for.
Last week at CVS they had Covergirl on sale, and I had a coupon for buy one get one free, so I took a chance and bought Covergirl Trublend foundation and Trublend shimmery blush (pictured at right) as well as an eyeshadow for under $4 total (regular prices totaled $18 for all). I tried them all and LOVE them. The foundation wears as well as Clinique and even matches my skin better. The shimmery blush looks natural as well! I paid 10% of the price, and saved $38 or more. If you are looking for a good substitute for department store makeup, I would check out Covergirl Trublend.
Check out what works for others at Rocks in My Dryer.

Parenting Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Here are some parenting tips I wish I had known before last Thursday:

#1- Just because your kids sound like they are playing with their toys doesn't mean they are.
#2- Never place young children's wall border lower than 6 feet.

The Key to Grilling a Great Burger

This week's kitchen tip is difficult for me because it goes against my nature! For the juiciest, best tasting hamburgers on the grill...are you ready...don't mash the burgers with your spatula. I know, it's so simple. I have the hardest time doing this because I like to mash! I love to watch as the fat drips out and flames the fire, but it's true- we've done it both ways. The best hamburgers (or turkey burgers!) still have their flavor (and some fat! :)

And as we grill for the last few times before the weather turns cold, may the memories of those last juicy hamburgers will keep us warm 'til spring....

Check out more kitchen tips over at Tammy's Recipes.

CVS deals for 10/8

I just did my CVS run for the week. I had to buy everything upfront because I only had one extra buck from last week but I made $3.13 and got all of this for free (I spent $11.86 upfront and left with $14.99 in Extra bucks):

It's just so much fun. Check out more deals over at Money Saving Mom!

Menu Plans

Here's our menu for this week:
Monday- Baked Herb Chicken with Rice (this one is new- I am excited to try it!)
Tuesday- Baked Potatoes with Queso and Chicken (we still have potatoes left from our low cost dinner party to cook)
Wednesday- Beef Enchiladas and Rice
Thursday- Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Italian Green beans
Friday- Pizza Night
Saturday- out with family
Sunday- Homemade Chicken Nuggets with homemade potato fries

Check out more menus over at Menu Plan Monday!

Low-Cost Dinner Party

I found a great frugal dinner party idea last week over at, where Myscha posted on Potato Ideas that Pop. One of her 11 uses for potatoes was hosting a cheap dinner party by baking potatoes for the main course and having your friends bring their favorite toppings such as chili, cheese, mexican toppings, italian toppings, or whatever appeals to them. You as the host can bake about 20 potatoes in the oven at once, and serve a meat topping such as chicken or beef.

I was so excited about this idea that we bought a 15 lb sack of baking potatoes at Sam's. It seemed a bit high at $7, but there were 15 or more huge potatoes, which would be about .46 each, which is far cheaper than our local Walmart for baking potatoes. We had company over and served chicken and queso, sour cream, and butter (we supplied everything), which brought our total meal to .86 per person. We used regular priced ingredients and chicken breasts, so if each one was on sale, it would be much cheaper. It was fun, inexpensive, and allowed our guest to make his food to his liking rather than being served a food he might not prefer.

Check out more frugal living tips at Biblical Womanhood!

Why I Believe the Scriptures are Literal

I received this question in response to my post earlier this week:
I do not mean this at all disrespectfully, am really curious - do you think God himself wrote the Bible? I have always wondered about people who took the Scriptures literally - isn't it an interpretation by man? Am interested to hear your thoughts.

I started a response as a comment but it turned into a post itself... :)

Great question! I do believe that God Himself wrote the Bible, and used man as his writing utensil or outlet. I believe that God spoke to each writer and gave Him the exact words He wanted to be in the Scripture. The men who wrote the Bible did not give their own interpretation, but only wrote what God told them to write. I believe this because of these verses (NKJV):

2 Peter 1:20
20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, 21 for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.

2 Timothy 3:16-17
16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

The word "inspiration" literally means God-breathed. God has His "breath" on all Scripture. He is responsible for each word and has given us the Bible for all those reasons listed in the verse above.

I Cor 2:13 These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

Again, Paul is saying that it is not from man's wisdom or interpretation.

Acts 1:15-16
15 And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples (altogether the number of names was about a hundred and twenty), and said, 16 “Men and brethren, this Scripture had to be fulfilled, which the Holy Spirit spoke before by the mouth of David concerning Judas, who became a guide to those who arrested Jesus;

Here Peter actually says that the Holy Spirit spoke by the mouth of David, referring to Ps. 41:9: "Even my own familiar friend in whom I trusted, Who ate my bread, Has lifted up his heel against me."

2 Samuel 2:1-3
Now these are the last words of David.
Thus says David the son of Jesse;
Thus says the man raised up on high,
The anointed of the God of Jacob,
And the sweet psalmist of Israel:

2 “The Spirit of the LORD spoke by me,
And His word was on my tongue.

3 The God of Israel said,
The Rock of Israel spoke to me:

‘He who rules over men must be just,
Ruling in the fear of God.

Here David himself says that the Spirit of the Lord spoke by him and His Word was on David's tongue.

If I feel that one Scripture is inaccurate, written for that culture and wasn't God's Word intended for me, then I am doubting what God says in 1 Tim. 3:16 about all Scripture being inspired by God, and the verse in 2 Peter that no Scripture is of private interpretation. Now I don't believe three verses in the Bible. It could easily become a slippery slope; one where it would be easy to pick and choose what Scripture I think was written for me today.

I do believe the Scripture is written by God through man- fully true and complete and means what it says word for word.

Works for Me Wednesday Backwards Edition

This week is backwards week over at Rocks in My Dryer- so instead of sharing what works for me, I am asking what works for you?
My question is how do you get a 2 year old to sit still and quiet for 1 hour? We want to bring our middle one into church with us but know he would want to talk and run around. What do you do to train them to be still and quiet without interrupting church? Any tips or tricks you can share with this novice mama :) ?

Quick and Easy Iced Tea

I LOVE McAlister's iced tea. My friends know we are serious McAlister's addicts! At 1.89 per glass these days, I was motivated to find a way to replicate it at home. I did a little investigation and found out they use Lipton tea bags, and they (obviously) use a tea machine which is like a coffee I decided to use a coffee maker to run over Lipton tea bags. It works so well! The tea isn't exactly the same as the restaurant because our water is different but it is very close. Using any type of filtered water will improve the taste of your tea.

Not only is the coffee maker a time saver (it takes about 10 minutes total), it also saves energy because it doesn't sit heating on the stove top for 20 minutes. We use 12 cups of water to 3 tea bags and use 1 cup of sugar then mix it together and add about 6 more cups of cold water. We love our iced tea!

Menu Plan Monday

Here is our menu for the week (a bit late in the day! I just got finished with my couponing/lists):
Monday- Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole, garlic toast, green beans
Tuesday- Sour cream ck enchiladas, black beans, rice
Wednesday- dinner out with husband's family
Thursday- Baked breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
Friday- Pizza night
Saturday- Grilled chicken, baked potatoes, green beans
Sunday- black beans with rice and corn

Breakfasts- oatmeal, bananas, biscuits, eggs
Lunches- turkey sandwiches, pb &j, ramen noodles, leftovers (hahaha! like we have any), baked potatoes with queso, grilled ck sandwiches

Training Update

I am still training for my 5k run in November. I am on week 3 now, and I am feeling pretty good about the race. I may take an hour to run it but I will finish! Hubby is training with me off and on, but I am sure he doesn't even need to train. He is so much taller than me that he can just walk at my running speed! (I like how much taller he is than me though, I can wear any heel I want and I won't even come close to his height :)

I am feeling more and more in shape since I started a couple of weeks ago. Back in my younger days, I used to be able to run 3 miles without stopping so I am hoping I will be in shape enough to do it November 17th. Right now I am at 1.5 miles in 21 minutes (1/2 walking, 1/2 running). Not so great, but I am sure I will get better over the next 7 weeks.