Baking and Preparation Day

We are busy today! In between cleaning and baking, we are wrapping presents! Tomorrow we get to see my husband's family and then on Christmas we have my family over to our house. I cook and bake for days in preparation. :) Today, we've made Neiman Marcus cake, Magic cookie bars, banana crumb mini loaves, fudge, and we still have to make apple pie, red velvet cake and taco soup tonight. I also have to finish my last fleece blanket for Isabella. I thought a no sew fringe blanket would be fast! Thankfully my hubby helped me last night and did a whole blanket in about 2 hours. He is a sweetie. Today we have to make mugs with orange spice tea mix for tomorrow's gifts. I hope you have a merry (and less busy!) Christmas! Thank you Lord, for bringing your Son into this world! Please help us not to forget You in the midst of all the excitement.

How Quickly They Grow and Make You Laugh

Noah, my 3 1/2 year old is growing up. You notice the growing so much more with the first one because you are carefully watching their every move, but subsequent children enjoy a little less scrutiny I think. And so, it seems they often take you by surprise when they show signs of maturing. I was in Lowe's shopping for the hubby when such a moment happened to me.

As we placed our item on the counter to check out, the cashier said, "I bet Santa Claus is going to come see you for Christmas!" My children looked at her with blank stares and said nothing, so she repeated it two more times in the course of checking us out. And still no response from the boys, just blank stares and half smiles, like why does this lady keep saying that?

I smiled too, said nothing about Santa and we thanked her and left the store. As we walked out the door, Noah whispered to me,

"Mommy, that lady thinks Santa Claus is real!"

I couldn't stop laughing all the way to the car. It's fun being a mommy.

The Greatest Milestone

A good reminder of the most important milestone for our children. (hint: it's not walking) :)

Coming soon- baby #4!!

I am so happy to announce that we are having baby #4! :)

We are so excited, although, the fourth time doesn't seem quite as "new" as the first two did. It's very surreal still at this point, so it's hard to imagine life with the newest member of our family. Right now, I am almost 8 weeks, so the baby is about 1/2 of an inch. I have been a little sick off and on, but for the most part feeling great, and not terribly pregnant feeling.

This new little one is due mid-July. Isabella will turn two in August, so I feel blessed to have been given such a wonderfully long break from pregnancy. My boys are 18 months apart, which would have made me 6 months pregnant right now.

Only two weeks from today we get to see this precious new baby on the ultrasound. I am definitely looking forward to that! And in 12 weeks from now we find out the gender. The weeks seem to go by a little more quickly when you have three children to take care of! :)