a thrifty transformation: sleigh bed before and after

The rain has officially left us for the summer! My nesting urges are finally being satisfied now that we've gotten to move on to painting projects, grass, and landscaping. ;) I'm so excited! 

Remember our $250 thrifted bed? Here's what it looked like before:

And here's what it looks like now, thanks to a coat of white paint: 

I'm in love!! Painting the big sleigh bed white made the whole room look bigger. I couldn't be happier with the outcome! :)

The transformation was all thanks to Rob, of course. :D Here was my view of the whole process:

And now, thanks to a day of his hard work, I get to enjoy this view:

I love Pottery Barn for sure, but you can't beat the satisfaction of getting a pretty white bed for less than $325!  :D 

what $29 will get you at Goodwill

Thrift shopping trips to our old GW have been few and far between in the last few years. Is it just me, or did all Goodwill's suddenly go up in price? Ours has a new manager who is very organized and on top of things {and that makes a huge difference!}, but I would say as a company, their prices have definitely gone up in the last two or three years- or at least in Texas anyway.

Even still, high prices at GW are still like 20% of retail! :) I'm okay with that. The savings really adds up in the end!

Here's what $29 will get you at a Goodwill in Texas {before tax}:

1. Men's Kenneth Cole Reaction lined jacket: $7
2. Green Justice military jacket, $4
3. Carter's denim top, $1
4. Levi's {size 14!} jeans, $7

5 + 6. Will books, $2 each
7. Our 50 States, $2
8. Nourishing Traditions cookbook, $2
9. Nothing Can Separate Us, $2

I was happy to find some good children's books while we were there- I find that the kids will read and re-read the books we keep at home. :D

We found a cassette player and the kids were in awe- "A tape player? What is that Mommy?"

I feel so old. :) Yes, children, I used to run with a smaller version of that on my hip... :DDD

Did you have a Walkman? Do you remember when you got your first CD player?? {and now CD's are dying...sheesh! hahaha}

How much would a coat cost at your local thrift store?

life lately in pics: living it up, a needed splurge, and happy to bring these back

Ahhhh.... this mama gave a big fat sigh of relief last week when school was done for the year. I celebrated by turning up the music all alone at the automatic car wash:

You know me, I like to live it up. ;)

The kids actually like their schooling so they were neither here nor there when it came to getting out for summer. I think I was the most excited of everyone. :D But of course, they don't mind sleeping in and spending the day reading and playing legos either:

And mama doesn't mind running to Target just for fun every now and then. Even in the rain. :D Happy days.

While I was there, I finally broke down and bought more forks {6 for $10! ouch}- they're a lot like socks at our house, and disappear into the abyss on a regular basis:

And as I leisurely browsed the other aisles, I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favorite 90's accessories is coming back into style- the choker necklace:

They say never wear the trend when it comes around the second time in your life, but I just might be up for a second trip around the block with those babies. :P

Our pace has changed at home for sure- I get to do more fun cooking and easy meals just feel like summer:

I have been a little obsessed with summer food like zucchini {with cashew butter and basil!} and cold fruit for lunch:

We've had more time for cleaning too {and my pregnant/nesting-self feels so relieved}. To speed up our post-dinner cleanup, we bought two more brooms so everyone would have one. ;)


And here's 57% of the reasons why we need so many brooms:

Stinker. :P

Don't worry, we made him clean it up. ;)

I love my life. :D

What have you been up to? If you have kids, are they out of school yet?

Ever lost a brand new {bulk-sized!} box of cereal to a toddler? ;)

How many forks do you have?
We have about enough to last for a day at our house. :P Weird, but I hate the big long dinner ones so I refuse to use them. Salad forks for life. :)