the best day this year, one short book you must read + I'm stoked

I have felt so... thrilled... about life lately. :D I feel entirely alive and full of energy. Why, you ask?

On April 13th, THE BABY SLEPT through the night!!!!!!

And praise the Lord, she kept up the trend. :D {There aren't enough smiley faces for that sentence btw ;D }

My brain is coming back to life!! I can FEEL it. :)

And if you can believe it, it got even better- last week I breezed through a short book recommended by a fellow homeschool mom called The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM). {it's $1.99 on Kindle right now- reading it with the Gospel lens of your purpose in life in the Lord as your goals changes your perspective too!}

It was the best $2 investment ever. The morning after I read it, I was so buzzed about it that I got up really early. And liked it. {remember, the baby slept too!}

Call me crazy, but I even got Rob on board the next day and today I felt positively weird for getting up so "late" at 7 a.m. on a Saturday.  As of last Monday, I'm suddenly living in an alternate universe. Who am I now?? My to-do list is getting done again. What's that strange feeling coursing through my veins? Energy??? ;)

I credit the baby for sleeping the most, but the whole new morning routine was a shocker and I have the book to credit and my new friend {she doesn't know we're friends yet} for recommending it.

I'm still on a book high. :D Give me all the life-changing guides now, please. After last week, I'm willing to try them all. :)

Thanks to some email glitch, I had no idea the Ultimate Homemaking ebook deal was coming in the slightest, but I was so surprised and thrilled to see it in my inbox this week because BOOKS. :D 

It's a fantastic one-week deal on ebooks and every year I read at least half of them from cover to cover. Even if you only read a few, it's so much cheaper than buying them individually! But on top of that, the bonuses alone make it worth getting the whole deal. I bought mine today and I'm all over that Mrs. Meyer's bonus and the free subscription to get access to RightNow Christian streaming for kids! {and the acne one too, because the baby didn't fix that one yet... ;) }. 

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle includes 93 hand-picked eBooks, eCourses, and printables, on topics that matter to moms such as:
  • organization, routines & creating a cozy home
  • recipes, grocery shopping and meal planning
  • budgeting and saving money
  • motherhood (no matter what age your kids are)
  • cultivating a strong marriage
  • faith (for you & your kids)
  • and even self-care (like exercise, weight loss, life planning and coloring books!)
  • and much more…

You have a full year to download the eBooks and printables and take the online eCourses, and everything you’ve downloaded becomes part of your permanent library, so you can go back to it whenever you need it.
Plus, it comes with these FREE bonus offers from companies who know what homemakers need and want. Some are 100% free; other are yours for the cost of shipping only. You’ll get:
  • FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Spray, Grove Collaborative Spray Bottle, Grove Collaborative Scrubber Sponges and FREE 60-day VIP trial with FREE shipping from Grove Collaborative ($30 value)
  • FREE Online Class from Craftsy ($29.99-$69.99 value)
  • FREE Kids Discovery Box from ($19.95 value)
  • $15 Gift Certificate to InkWELL Press ($15 value)
  • $15 Credit to Hope Ink Shop PLUS Two FREE 8×10 Art Prints with Any Purchase ($71)
  • FREE SPOT Treatment for Acne & Eczema OR a $15 Gift Certificate from Bloom Naturals ($15 value)
  • FREE 90-Day Pro Membership to ($30)
  • FREE 1-Year Membership ($29 value)
  • FREE Hand Massage Routine Videos from Melt Couples Massage ($24 value)
It’s available for just 6 days – from now until Monday, May 2nd, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. That’s why the Ultimate Bundles team can offer so much, because they only have permission to sell it for such a short period of time.

The total value is an astonishing $1000+ (plus over $300 in bonuses), but you get it for just $29.97. That’s 97% off what it would cost to buy everything individually!

If you think getting all those homemaking & mothering helps for less than $30 sounds like a steal, then make sure to go HERE to see exactly what it includes and grab yours before this deal ends!

all access to purchasing the bundle ends in:

p.s. the usual disclosure: I'm in the UHB and Amazon affiliate programs, and if you should purchase an item using my links above, I get a percentage at no extra cost to you!! And thank you for being so sweet!! ;)

spring break 2016: refreshing all around + a sneak peek

We just took spring break last week and I have to tell you: it was divine.

We didn't go anywhere this year but we still managed to get a break from life as usual. We refreshed our souls with things like milk and chocolate chip cookies. :D

We also slept in whenever we felt like it. I found these two like this one morning:

Oh, and oh my goodness, I had GOOD French toast for the first time in my life.

I've never liked it before last week, but apparently you just need a good recipe and thick, fresh homemade bread. :D I used one of my favorite cookbooks {aff link} but here's a very similar recipe! In hindsight, it's probably a good thing I didn't know what good french toast tasted like! :D

We went shopping for church clothes for the kids {thanks, MOM!}, and in typical 2.5-year-old fashion Zane begged us for what he thought was ice cream but was really a box of sidewalk chalk{?}. For the first time I can remember, we bought something that was begged for {#bigfamilyspoiled}. But in our defense, it was actually a really, really good spring break purchase that provided hours of fun, as evidenced below:  :P

It's no lie, the older you get, the cuter little kids are. :D Irresistible cheeks and all.

Another amazing part of spring break was the camping I didn't do:

The kids camped out in the backyard for 2.5 days {until it rained}. Rob stayed with them so they wouldn't be alone, and it might be the best idea we've ever had! :D Free, easy, and HUGE bonus, I got to clean my house and it stayed clean for 24 hours!! :D They made all their own food for lunch, we grilled out for dinner, and they played all day long outside. It was a kid's dream, and the best of both worlds for the adults. While they ate pb sandwiches, I made food like this for the adults using an oven: 

Best camping trip ever.

We also tackled a fun DIY project over spring break- here's a peek:

 I'm in love. :D

How was your end of March?

Camping- yes or no? 
I think glamping is the only way to go.